October 18, 2023

Search Smarter: Level-up Your On-Site Search with AI

In this roundtable style webinar, hear from Lino Tadros from Visus as he chats with Jonathan Meyer from HawkSearch and Jonathan Read from Sitefinity on how you can help online visitors search smarter with the help of AI. Dive deep into best practices for crafting a frictionless customer journey on your site, leveraging the latest in AI, personalization, machine learning, and merchandising. Experience these dynamic features first-hand in a Sitefinity setting with a live demo, showcasing the integration of HawkSearch's capabilities with the robust CMS of Sitefinity — all seamlessly executed by Visus.

Why Attend?

  1. Revamp Your Digital Approach: Dive deeper into connecting your customers to their desired products efficiently.
  2. Embrace AI's Potential: Learn how AI can be your secret weapon offering personalization and efficiency.
  3. See How This Looks in Action: you wont get lost in hypothetical ideas of digital transformation - see how these concepts play out in a real online environment as Visus provides a live demo.

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