HawkSearch for Sitefinity DXP Creates a Personalized Omnichannel Experience

Improve search and navigation functionality, conversion, and revenue across all content and products, regardless of channel or device.

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Create an Omnichannel Search Experience

HawkSearch's Sitefinity connector offers an enhanced site search experience and provides a robust set of benefits that help normalize, index, and re-index Sitefinity data:
Simple OOTB Integration
Seamless data transfer with Sitefinity’s native pipelines
Drag & Drop front-end widgets for SDKs: Vue or React

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Implementation Flexibility

HawkSearch's Sitefinity connector offers fully customizable configurations within its code. Additionally, its real-time Delta indexing allows Sitefinity merchants to build a unique search strategy.

Personalized Omnichannel Search and Navigation

HawkSearch's Sitefinity Connector works to build an omnichannel eCommerce experience, helping drive traffic, boost conversion, and create a path for long-term value for Sitefinity users.
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Case Studies

"Implementing Hawksearch has opened up a wealth of new opportunities, that had previously been unreachable. We were in need of search solution that would allow us to target based on franchised lines, location, and user data. Hawksearch has delivered all of that and more, empowering us to cultivate partnerships with manufacturers and customers."
Charles Stevenson, Manager of eBusiness, Kirby Risk

Build Your Omnichannel Experience with Empowered Site Search

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Machine Learning

HawkSearch uses enhanced machine learning to actively learn from site users to better offer a personalized eCommerce experience and drive conversion.
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Advanced Capabilities

HawkSearch’s industry-leading data indexing and normalization features help provide consistent information across channels and devices.
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Codeless Management

HawkSearch’s intuitive recommendation strategies and simple rule building empower Sitefinity users to build a custom omnichannel content strategy.

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Integrate powerful site search capabilities into any Sitefinity CMS, empowering data indexing, personalization, and search functionality without the need for customization.