April 4, 2023

BigCommerce in Multi-Storefront + HawkSearch for Maximum Reach

You may have heard about the new BigCommerce Multi-Storefront capabilities, but do you know if it could work for you? Find out in this 30-minute lunch n’ learn style webinar as eCommerce experts from HawkSearch and oBundle dig into the surprising capabilities and use cases of a Multi-Storefront (MSF).

Whether you have an established eCommerce shop and are looking to launch a sub-brand – or you’re currently serving up B2B products and are looking to expand to the B2C world, this webinar is for you! You’ll find out how to expand the reach of your eCommerce store using MSF in combination with HawkSearch and all without taxing your IT team. Plus, you’ll get a demo of how the HawkSearch tool seamlessly fits into the BigCommerce ecosystem – and can be used in multiple storefronts to multiply your effectiveness in converting browsers to buyers at a higher rate.

Viewers of this webinar will:

  1. Gain insight into what a Multi-Storefront solution is and how to know if its right for your eCommerce store
  2. Understand the pain points eCommerce that a MSF solution can address
  3. How to utilize a 3rd party search solution with Multi-Storefront to maximize impact without multiplying effort

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