About Hawksearch

Hawk Building

Since its founding in 2012, the mission of Hawksearch has been to provide the most relevant, personalized and satisfactory search results for our customers and their site visitors. With thousands of implementations under our belt, we have seen the importance of making Hawksearch customizable to each of our customers’ specific business needs. Our tagline of “Search On Your Terms” is not just a saying, it’s the credo by which we built our business. We have delivered success to customers in both the ecommerce and lead generation arenas, regardless of their site platform.

Whether you are a start up with a dream or a large enterprise organization, Hawksearch will delight your site visitors by returning search results tailored specifically for them – which all lead to conversions for you.

Hawksearch was built specifically to be a platform agnostic tool. Built on Open Source Lucene and .NET technology, with an Elasticsearch option coming soon. Our team of dedicated professionals implement advanced machine learning and pattern analysis to identify the best search experience to deliver to your site visitors. Whether you desire a SaaS platform or the ability to install locally on-premise, Hawksearch is flexible to your desired delivery format.

We are continually improving cutting-edge features such as Dynamic Marketing, Relevant Recommendations, Smart Insights and Relevancy Tuning. Our technology and experts can be counted on to provide engaging and personalized search experiences. Our product has exceeded the expectations of marketers, merchandisers and developers alike by empowering them to accomplish their goals.

"I love working at Hawksearch because every day is challenging yet exciting. Our team not only cares about the success of our clients, but also the success of our peers. We strive to challenge one another and help each other learn new skills to help advance our careers."
Mitch KProduct Development