HawkSearch Recognized by Gartner® for Search and Product Discovery
HawkSearch Recognized by Gartner® for Search and Product Discovery
Read the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Report
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HawkSearch Recognized by Gartner® for Search and Product Discovery
Read the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Report
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HawkSearch for BigCommerce Enterprise: Build a Profit-Maximizing Commerce Experience

Define a customer-friendly buying experience for your B2B, B2C, or B2B2C store.

Connect Directly to BigCommerce

Cut implementation costs and save time with HawkSearch’s seamless integration into the BigCommerce platform.

  • Compatible with Multi-Storefront, B2B Edition, and Headless
  • Connect with Vue and React SDKs
  • Index all BigCommerce data including custom fields and meta data

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Drive revenue, conversion, and average order value to your Salesforce CloudCraze site with the help of enhanced site search functionality and product recommendations powered by machine learning.


Create a seamless buyer experience on your Salesforce Lightning site by using HawkSearch’s site search solution, capable of personalization, data indexing, production comparisons, and more.

Key Features

Power Personalization to Your BigCommerce Site

Use machine learning and advanced tracking to offer recommendations and a personalized experience to your site visitor.

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Enterprise AI-Powered Search, Navigation, and Recommendations

HawkSearch empowers BigCommerce customers to deliver an optimized experience to their B2B & B2C buyers that drive up conversions, reduce costs, and grow long-term customer value.

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"With thousands of products of such an enormous variety online, we needed a search partner that would organize our website in an uncomplicated and shopper-friendly fashion. HawkSearch has been a great solution for us, as now our customers can easily search for everything they need and also stay updated on current inventory levels."

Rebecca G., Senior Director of eCommerce at Berlin Packaging

Advanced Features Include

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Robust Search and Configurable Autocomplete: Provide Relevant, Reliable Results

Returning search results without accuracy quickly leads to dissatisfaction. Benefit from insights captured from prior search activity and refine results to increase relevancy. Put optimization of results in your merchandisers’ hands with our deep learning AI engine.

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Recommendations: Unleash a digital salesperson working full time on your site

Advanced recommendations greatly enhance your ability to upsell and cross-sell to your clients with average order size increases over 25%.

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Unlimited Faceted Navigation: Help your clients find what they are really looking for

Unlock the power of facets and filters to provide easy ways to navigate to just the right product quickly and effectively.

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Advanced Product Comparisons: Because clients need help

72% of site visitors say they have struggled to find the right product on eCommerce sites. Rich product comparisons that allow you to show only the different attributes help a purchaser make that decision faster.

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SEO Optimizer: Get discovered online

Leverage your on-site search and facets to auto generate a massive number of SEO impactful dynamic pages—greatly expanding your top of funnel SEO coverage.

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Even more advanced eCommerce features

Companies can take advantage of HawkSearch’s advanced SKU/part number/YMM search analyzer, the ability to normalize and enrich product data, variant logic to display the right image based on color or style when multiple options exist, landing pages to power better conversions, supporting marketing outreach, and more.

HawkSearch Features

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Machine Learning

HawkSearch’s machine learning feature learns from user impressions to build a personalized eCommerce experience, working to boost conversion through product and content recommendations.

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Advanced Capabilities

HawkSearch’s powerful data normalization feature recognizes patterns and converts units of measure, returning relevant results no matter how a user searches a term.

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Codeless Management

HawkSearch’s intuitive platform empowers BigCommerce merchants to build their own merchandising rules, schedule campaigns, and report on specific analytics and insights.

"This is a game-changing on-site search solution for Adobe Commerce. The HawkSearch connector easily integrates with Magento, providing advanced tools and features to optimize your eCommerce store, improve search accuracy, increase conversions, and enhance the overall customer experience."

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John Murcott

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