HawkSearch Recognized by Gartner® for Search and Product Discovery
HawkSearch Recognized by Gartner® for Search and Product Discovery
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Turn Traffic into Conversions

Partner with our service delivery team for a seamless customer journey right through to checkout

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Fine tune your customer's search experience

Our team tailors search solutions and conversion strategies to grow your revenue and delight your customers.

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Elevate your competitive edge

Let our service experts custom-design a search solution that gives your e-commerce site the advantage you’ve been looking for.
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Get Support from the experts

Enjoy a smooth installation and world-class tech support for your tailored search solution.
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Maximize online engagement

Make sure your customers find what they’re looking for on the first search. Our Service Team has the knowledge and insight to make that happen.

HawkSearch Solutions

Optimization Services

Boost, Attract, Convert.

Ensure your online business is seen by the right customers and ahead of the competition.

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B2B Commerce Enhancer

Anticipate, Adapt, Accelerate.

Get set for success right from the start and fix common pain points before they arise.

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HawkSearch Launch Success

Activate, Analyze, Amplify.

Let our experts help you strategize to improve search and increase revenue from the start.

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Translation Services

Communicate, Connect, Globalize.

Easily build a multi-lingual website for a perfect localized shopping experience.

Accessibility Services

Enable, Engage, Include.

Discover how to reach people that may not otherwise find your business.

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What can our Service team do for you?

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Account configuration is painless. Our team will arrange this for you, personalizing filters, facets, basic relevancy tuning and landing page examples.
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Data Import and Indexing

Site content and products are seamlessly imported to your HawkSearch Engine by our implementation team, using the HawkSearch API or approved partner connector. Engine setup for both dev and production environments are included.
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Rapid UI

For a fast and smooth implementation, our developers will embed the HawkSearch Rapid UI framework on your site, including Search Bar, Search Results, and Recommendation examples.
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Deployment and Training

Once we have ensured your site is live, our experts will work with your IT team to roll out end-user training, including multiple sessions with remote training and unlimited seats, as required.
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