November 16, 2023

Accelerate your Optimizely On-Site Search

Join us for an exclusive webinar series highlighting the groundbreaking capabilities of the Xngage Connector for HawkSearch. Developed by Xngage with support from HawkSearch this integration is for Optimizely’s Configured Commerce. This connector offers HawkSearch’s advanced functionality, eliminating the need for custom (and complicated) solutions to your on-site search.

In this 30-minute introduction to the connector, you’ll hear from the technical experts at Xngage and HawkSearch as they walk through the major benefits provided to an Optimizely customer. From improved relevancy, advanced marketing, and merchandising to built-in Unit of Measure conversions - you’ll walk away with key strategies to make a complex catalog customer-friendly.

Tune in to:

  1. Learn more about the powerhouse-partnership between Xngage, HawkSearch, and Optimizely
  2. Understand when to make the jump to HawkSearch
  3. Demo how to get started and toggle on HawkSearch within Optimizely's interface

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