February 15, 2024

Advanced Search with AI: Don’t Get Left in the Dust!

Improve Relevancy with Image Search, Concept Search, Gen AI and More.

Join us in this exclusive preview of its latest AI-powered solutions, codenamed Zeus, (Why Zeus? You'll have to register to find out). This insightful webinar offers an exciting sneak peek into how HawkSearch's new AI offerings will transform the way you interact with and explore your website.

Hear from the EVP of Product and Strategy, the EVP of Growth, and our Senior Solutions Engineer as they dive into:

  1. How to go beyond traditional keyword search using image search, concept search and more
  2. The new ways Generative AI and Vector Databases can transform your customer’s search experience
  3. Understanding the benefits and use cases for these advanced AI-powered search strategies

Plus, as a way to show gratitude to our customers, we are offering for a limited time an early adopter discount. To take advantage – register for the webinar or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to set up a customer demo.

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