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Boost and bury results by strategically pinning products and delivering intelligent, relevant recommendations.

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Segment your audience based on their physical location, what time they’re visiting, the device they’re using, and custom integrated data.

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Visually interact with results for any searched phrase to merchandise based on your own preferences.

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Create dynamic pages based on your specifically chosen criteria with the full merchandising features available to boost, bury, pin, and recommend specific products.
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Key Features

Dynamic Marketing
Utilize a proactive set of tools that amplifies your marketing plan to effectively interact with visitors. Dynamic Marketing empowers businesses to strategically guide a visitor's experience with specific search queries.
Boost and Bury Rules
Content Spotlighting
Landing Pages
Relevant Recommendations
It's difficult to find what you're looking for on a crowded website. Appeal to your visitors by displaying contextually relevant content or products to increase the chance of conversion.
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Increase engagement, sales, and customer satisfaction. Hawksearch leverages data and machine learning to personalize the shopping experience.
Smart Insights
Online visitors want rapid, relevant results that are tailored to their specific needs. Smart Insights provides the ability to focus results through different strategies to accomplish this for your visitors.
Visitor Targets
Machine Learning
Popularity Boost
Smart Autocomplete
As a visitor starts to type, Smart Autocomplete predicts and displays relevant products, categories, or content—ultimately leading to fewer clicks for the user. A flexible interface provides the ability to tailor the search experience.
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