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Retailers are changing the way people shop online. A great search tool is no longer optional—it’s a requirement. HawkSearch delivers the right content, at the right time, on whatever device they are using.

Conversions Off the Charts

Relevant Filtering

Products have numerous attribute categories by which shoppers narrow their choices. With HawkSearch, those categories can be applied as filters and relevantly displayed based on the department or search results page.
A search for handbags is filtered by color and price range


Today’s shopper expects an online experience tailored to them. HawkSearch delivers personalization on a scale of your comfort. Highlight products based on location, weather, past purchases, and more. All so that appropriate products are displayed.
Windows show different results for the search term "jackets" based on location

Relevant Recommendations

Providing information that is relevant to a shopper has been proven to increase the bottom line. Relevant Recommendations utilizes machine learning to identify custom recommendations to present shoppers with products that are best sellers, trending, etc.
Windows featuring recommend products for a bicycle purchase

Insights and Reports

Continuously optimize search experiences and make data driven decisions. Reporting provides real-time insight into search trends, page performance, and interactions.
Window showing Search Keyword analytics report

Preview Feature

Save time with Live Preview before changing search criteria. On the backend you can see scoring for individual items along with an explanation for how it was scored. You can also schedule campaigns from preview mode, see how a page would look on a certain date, or by location.
Windows showing a search result preview and setting toggles

Case Studies

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