February 20, 2024

Easily Integrate Advanced Search for Optimizely’s Configured Commerce

Join B2B eCommerce experts from Optimizely and HawkSearch as they dive deep into the robust features, functionality and powerful use cases of using advanced search for Configured Commerce Customers.

You’ll get live site demos of how easily HawkSearch integrates into Optimizely and see firsthand how the two systems work seamlessly to turn your search bar into a powerful tool for increasing conversion rates and ultimately, revenue.

In this 30-minute walk through, hear how you can improve relevancy, create advanced marketing and merchandising for your customers and utilize the built-in Measurement Conversion tools to always serve up the most relevant results.

Viewers of this webinar will:

  1. Discover how to easily turn on advanced functionality of HawkSearch 
  2. Understand how HawkSearch can improve the customer journey to check out
  3. Hear from Optimizely and HawkSearch what exciting additions to the product are on the horizon

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