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We eliminate time-consuming activities that include indexing sources of information and configuring the search experience

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No longer will your marketing and merchandising teams heavily depend on you. Leverage REST API, content management systems, and on-site search.

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Easy Integration

HawkSearch's flexible JSON based REST API allows you to integrate easily with your content management or eCommerce platform. You can easily configure rules for your site without logging into the dashboard to create a seamless experience for your marketing team.
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Flexible Customization

Gain the flexibility to customize based on your organization’s needs. You can merge data from multiple sources to make all content on your site easily accessible and searchable. To deliver a great visitor experience, you can customize not only the search but the browsing experience as well.
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Optimized Design

You can create campaigns that leverage dynamic landing pages, merchandising banners, and custom components that can be placed anywhere throughout your site
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Key Features

Flexible API

HawkSearch's flexible JSON based REST API seamlessly integrates with virtually any content management or eCommerce platform.
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HawkSearch eliminates time-consuming efforts of indexing sources of information and configuring the search experience.
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SEO Influencer

Utilize powerful tools to affect SEO for relevant products, categories, and content when indexed by any search engine crawler.
Exclusion Control
Popular Searches
Facet Expansion for Spiders
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Knowledge is power. See what your users are finding or more importantly, not finding. Reporting provides real-time insight into search trends and interactions.
Customizable Dashboard
Over 15 Configurable Reports
Integrate with External Reporting
Activity Logs
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Search UI / Guided Navigation

Create responsive user interfaces to interact with search results on any device. Provide control for visitors to choose how to view results of their search.
Faceted Navigation
Mobile Capability
Custom Layouts
Pagination and Sorting
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