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HawkSearch for Optimizely B2C Commerce

Power a personalized user experience for your Optimizely B2C site with the help of an advanced site search

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Create a Customer-Friendly Buying Experience

HawkSearch is an advanced, intuitive search solution that goes further than simple out-of-the-box alternatives. Empower your Optimizely B2C platform.
Advanced Merchandising and Marketing Capabilities
Superior Recommendation Strategies
Enhanced Customer Buying Journey with Personalization Features

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Advanced B2C Personalization

The connector powers personalization and strategic recommendations, and is fully customizable to fit the Optimizely user’s needs.
Windows show different results for the search term "jackets" based on location

Enterprise AI-Powered Search, Navigation, and Recommendations

HawkSearch empowers Optimizely B2C customers to deliver an optimized experience to their buyers that increase conversions, drive a higher average order value and simplify the buying journey.
Crescent Electric
Crescent Electric Supply Company logoCrescent Electric Supply Company logo
"Even though we are a B2B company, we have been able to utilize the capabilities of the HawkSearch Optimizely connector to deliver a curated, cohesive, and familiar shopping experience to our customer base."
Ahmed Marzouk, Director of Information Technology at Cleaner's Supply

Define a Customer Friendly Buying Experience For Your B2C Platform

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Recommendation Strategies

HawkSearch’s machine learning feature learns from user impressions to build a personalized eCommerce experience, working to boost conversion through product and content recommendations.
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Advanced Capabilities

HawkSearch’s powerful data normalization feature recognizes patterns and converts units of measure, returning relevant results no matter how a user searches a term.
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Dynamic Merchandising & Marketing

HawkSearch’s intuitive platform empowers Optimizely B2C merchants to build their own merchandising rules, schedule campaigns, and report on specific analytics and insights.

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