July 19, 2023

Online Accessibility with Bridgeline + accessiBe

Bridgeline has teamed up with accessiBe, and in this 30-minute webinar, our experts will unpack everything you need to know about accessibility online. They will cover critical considerations, such as the legal implications of a non-accessible website, why it could hurt your SEO, and how improving accessibility can help reach an audience that may not otherwise find or engage with your business.  

Hear from Bridgeline's Carl Prizzi about this partnership and what it can mean for Bridgeline customers. Plus, accessiBe’s Josh Basile and Landon Shefts will talk about the impact online accessibility can have for individuals and businesses, including: 

  1. How accessiBe’s AI-powered widget enables people with disabilities to use a website  
  2. Live site demos of accessiBe's tools at work  
  3. The impact of an accessible site, from improved SEO, legal compliance, and brand reputation 

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