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AI-Powered Search, Navigation, and Recommendations

HawkSearch data normalization, machine learning, and simple rule building allows B2B wholesalers to deliver a powerful experience unique to their operation and buyers.

Tools That Work for You and Your Data

Unit of Measure Conversion

HawkSearch finally solves the unit of measure conversion problem by normalizing data in search terms so phrases such as “24 inches”, “24 in”, and “2 foot” all return the same results. HawkSearch further connects the product data and converts it at the same time to remove discrepancies that would return an inaccurate response.
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Complex SKU Support

HawkSearch is the only unified search, recommendation, and data normalization platform for “complex commerce” that can effectively handle high volumes of products/SKUs.
A search on an ecommerce website using predictive text to offer different product suggestions

Powering Up Sales Opportunities in the Electrical Wholesale Industry

B2B Wholesalers can capture missed sales opportunities by working to understand their customer and industry pain points and by using the wisdom of the crowd.

CAUTION: High Voltage Sales Opportunities You’re Missing

Have you got an electrical B2B website with a low voltage sales strategy? Jumpstart your customer’s journey to checkout and train with HawkSearch’s resident conversion technician Jonathan Meyer. Discover opportunities to increase conversion and connect your ideal customer to the exact right products for purchase.

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