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Amplify your digital presence with industry-specific packages, made for your customers.

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We know that your Industry is unique - from your customers’ search behavior to the personalized recommendations they see. Drawing on years of B2B vertical-specific experience, HawkSearch has tailored frameworks that package the right configuration settings, AI advanced search capabilities, machine learning rules, and best industry practices.

The result - A comprehensive search solution that gives you a head start in tuning your HawkSearch experience to meet your needs and convert your customers!

Vertical Specific Industry Accelerators

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B2B Electronics

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Consumer Electronics

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Electrical Distributor

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Fitness and Sports

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Janitorial Supply

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Restaurant Supply

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Get Ahead of the Competition with Our Packaged Solutions

Includes out of the box features that will accelerate your on-site search implementation

Measure Conversion & Complex SKUs

HawkSearch has unparalleled B2B-specific features, pre-configured to handle measure conversions and complex SKU searching.

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Merchandising Rules

HawkSearch provides an on-site search solution optimized with Industry-specific, pre-built stop-words, synonyms and keyword replacement.

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Machine Learning Rules

HawkSearch is a tailored search framework that comes out of the box tuned to your specific business needs.

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"HawkSearch tailors vertical solutions with advanced AI and industry expertise, crafting a comprehensive, plug-and-play search system. It's more than Software as a Service - it's a unique business toolkit for accelerating customer conversions and shaping the ultimate personalized search experience."

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