October 5, 2023

Master BFCM for eCommerce Success

It’s that time of year again BFCM and that means it’s time to make sure your eCommerce site is ready for the biggest shopping day of the year! Are you primed to capture your share of the sales pie? Dive into this comprehensive webinar where we'll explore strategies to maximize your reach, revenue, and reputation during this holiday shopping bonanza.

Hear from eCommerce experts Jonathan Meyer and Jeremy LaDuque from HawkSearch and Brendan Cameron from AmericanEagle.com as they dive into:

  1. How you can sharpen digital marketing skills to make it as easy as possible to connect customers to products quickly
  2. Learn how to best prepare for a surge in traffic
  3. Leverage the power of AI for personalized recommendations on landing pages, search bars and more

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