April 20, 2023

BigCommerce, Multi-Storefront, and HawkSearch for Maximum Reach

Managing multiple storefronts in a B2B environment can be a complex and challenging task, particularly when it comes to ensuring a seamless user experience across the board.

Our latest webinar explores these challenges and how Multi-Storefront from BigCommerce, together with HawkSearch, can provide a perfect solution.

If you missed this event, we have recapped the main points covered by our experts, Andrew Wiggins of oBundle, and Gavin Kearns, and Kyle Mitzner from HawkSearch.

A Multi-Storefront Search Experience

BigCommerce empowers businesses of all sizes to easily create and control their online stores but one of the features that sets them apart is Multi-Storefront. With this functionality, digital businesses can establish a number of storefronts under a single account, allowing them to manage multiple websites, and product catalogs, from a single control panel.

As a leading AI search, merchandising, recommendation, and personalization platform, HawkSearch manages roughly 500 million searches a month and is fully compatible with BigCommerce's Multi-Storefront capabilities.

Here’s how HawkSearch works with Multi-Storefront to create a smooth and adaptable customer experience:

Machine learning capabilities

By analyzing user impressions and personalization journeys, HawkSearch can identify patterns and make recommendations that are tailored to each individual user. With four layers of AI involved in the process, we can provide a truly customized experience that can be turned on or off and influence the buyer’s journey.

Advanced search capabilities

B2B searches can be complicated, particularly when dealing with large SKU numbers. HawkSearch can return complex searches, handle customer entitlements and inventories, and manage different locations to provide a more precise and relevant search experience for B2B customers across several storefronts.

Unit of measure conversion

By converting unit measurements and using data normalization, HawkSearch consistently provides more accurate search results for Multi-storefront B2B customers with large catalogs and multiple suppliers.

Dynamic marketing

With 17 recommendation strategies and six that can be completely personalized, the HawkSearch platform allows Multi Storefront B2B businesses to create a truly customized buying experience for their customers.

In the webinar, Andrew showed us how these features operate within BigCommerce in real-time.

To wrap up....

If you're managing multiple online stores in a B2B environment, this powerful combination of BigCommerce's Multi-Storefront together with HawkSearch brings a next-level, streamlined user experience across the business.

Make sure to tune into our next webinar to learn more about the unique challenges and solutions of B2B eCommerce with experts from BigCommerce, HawkSearch, PROS and oBundle.

Clare Kelly

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