May 2, 2023

The New B2B Buying Experience

In this webinar, experts from HawkSearch, BigCommerce, PROS, and oBundle discuss the challenges and solutions related to the B2B buying experience. The speakers include Kyle Mitzner from HawkSearch, Alec Berkley from BigCommerce, Marsha Baker from PROS, and Andrew Riggins from oBundle.

The session covers basic eCommerce implementations and the importance of eCommerce as a growth channel for businesses. The solution providers showcase how their pre-built software and customizations can meet complex business needs. They discuss the features of HawkSearch, BigCommerce, and PROS, and provide a demo of the BigCommerce B2B Edition.

BigCommerce and the B2B Edition

Alec Berkley opens with an overview of BigCommerce, an open SaaS platform that combines the best of open source and software as a service. The company has over 1,300 employees and represents over 60,000 merchants with 90 billion in aggregate sales. BigCommerce B2B Edition is designed to enable self-service purchasing experiences for business customers, from applying for a business account to the reordering process.

Some highlights of BigCommerce B2B Edition include corporate account hierarchy, associating companies with sales reps, creating shopping lists, requesting quotes, bulk ordering, reordering, and displaying different payment methods for different corporate accounts. These features enable businesses to provide tailored solutions for their customers and streamline the B2B buying experience.

HawkSearch and B2B eCommerce

Kyle Mitzner gives an overview of HawkSearch, a search, merchandising, personalization, and recommendation platform designed to enhance the user experience on B2B eCommerce websites. With its roots in B2B, HawkSearch offers advanced features such as machine learning applied to visitor targets, SKU searching, unit of measure conversion tools, and recommendation strategies. It is easy to use for merchandisers and marketers, with drag-and-drop functionality and simple rule building.

HawkSearch integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce and B2B Edition, offering automated indexing and rapid UI accelerators. This integration enables businesses to unlock all the features of HawkSearch within their eCommerce platform.

The PROS Platform

Marsha Baker gives an overview of capabilities of PROS and how they impact the B2B eCommerce customer journey. PROS aims to improve B2B shopping and selling experiences through opportunity insights, price management, and AI-powered price optimization. Using science, AI, and machine learning, PROS can provide dynamic pricing recommendations in real time for large-scale eCommerce portals.

By deploying PROS' pricing strategies across digital channels, businesses can harmonize their pricing across different channels, update prices frequently, and deploy those prices in real time. PROS customers typically see an 8% revenue uplift, 200 base points in margin improvement, and a 67% efficiency gain.

The integration of PROS and HawkSearch with BigCommerce is simple and straightforward, allowing businesses to maximize their B2B e-commerce capabilities with minimal effort. And this is where Andrew Riggins with oBundle comes in.

oBundle + B2B Integrations

Tying all the pieces together in a seamless integration, Andrew shares oBundle’s capabilities as a BigCommerce certified agency. With 600+ clients, 90 custom apps built and hundreds of themes, Andrew knows the ins-and-outs of integrating with BigCommerce and walks the viewers of the webinar through a few use cases and examples within the new BigCommerce B2B edition. Andrew gives examples from real B2B eCommerce scenarios, showing how HawkSearch works with the B2B Edition, using machine learning, advanced SKU searching capabilities and unit of measure conversion tools to serve up the most relevant results to a user.

Combined with PROS ability to provide opportunity insights, price management, and price optimization with dynamic recommendations in real-time. The integration process is simple and straightforward, resulting in an efficient and powerful B2B eCommerce experience.

The integration of HawkSearch, PROS, and BigCommerce is designed to be simple and efficient. BigCommerce holds all the products and receives pricing updates from PROS, which are then indexed to HawkSearch. The results are displayed on the BigCommerce front end with live pricing. This integration allows businesses to maximize their B2B ecommerce efforts by leveraging the strengths of all three platforms.

Dive into these B2B eCommerce Solutions

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these capabilities, let us know here and a specialist at BigCommerce, PROS, HawkSearch or oBundle will reach out to book a demo or get you more information.

Clare Kelly

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