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Appeal to your visitors by displaying contextually relevant content or products to increase the chance of conversion

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Personalized Recommendations

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Product Comparisons

HawkSearch delivers enhanced product comparison capabilities in the platform. This functionality enhances the eCommerce solutions in the market by providing the relevant results and recommendations along with the side-by-side comparison the customer is looking to see.
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eCommerce Recommendations

With eCommerce, HawkSearch utilizes machine learning to identify recommendations to present shoppers with products that are best sellers, trending, and more.
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Content Recommendations

HawkSearch allows you to offer similar content to your visitors as suggestions for purchase, which can boost revenue and encourage repeat buying.

Predict and Deliver

Instant Engage

Grab your customers' attention as soon as they click on the Search bar. Engage with shoppers and show them personalized recommendations before they even start typing.


Identify real search patterns and immediately pinpoint which search terms, results, and interactions impact conversions to continuously optimize search experiences and recommendations through data points.
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Automatically increase conversions by targeting and personalizing search recommendations for users based on their preferences, relevant behavior, and buying motivations in real-time.
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