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Call out and draw attention to certain products or content with HawkSearch’s banner tool. Banners immediately capture the attention of a shopper, often creating the desire to learn more about the product or information being featured.
Search results for cushioned armchairs featuring banner image of Armchairs at the top

Landing Pages

Create unlimited landing pages that increase conversions by highlighting specific products, brands, or content results.
Faster results that are contextually relevant
Enable discovery of long tail content
Increase traffic through targeted keywords
Funnel visitors from strategic digital channels
Search results landing page for "women winter sweater"


HawkSearch utilizes faceted navigation to deliver relevant results for on-site search results. Optimize and adjust results based on what customers are clicking on and how many conversions are taking place on which products. Through these attributes, the search function is feeding into the overall navigation, making the customer’s experience as seamless as possible.
Search results window for speakers showing popular related searches, top product categories, and top product matches


Influence search results by configuring products to custom category pages
Can be dynamic or custom
HawkSearch driven functionality on category pages
A window showing a selection menu for different

Visitor Targeting / Recommendations

Automatically increase conversions by targeting and personalizing search recommendations for users based on their preferences, relevant behavior, and buying motivations in real-time.
Windows show different results for the search term "jackets" based on location


Reporting provides real-time insight into search trends, page performance, and interactions. Continuously optimize search experiences through data points driving decisions.
Window showing Search Keyword analytics report

White Paper

Increasing ROI & Conversions Through Search Metrics
An on-site search report can provide insight into user behavior and trends, making it easier for an eCommerce retailer to build a personalized, frictionless customer experience.
A person typing in credit card information on their laptop

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