April 29, 2020

How HawkSearch Goes Further Than BigCommerce’s Native Search Engine

HawkSearch is proud to be an Elite BigCommerce Partner – and the first search, navigation, and recommendations partner to reach that trusted status. With our partnership, and an app now available in the BigCommerce marketplace, businesses can unlock the power of our AI-driven search product easily and with less time and energy from their development team.

While BigCommerce already has native search functionality within the platform, it’s more geared towards smaller stores with lighter catalogs and lacks some of the perks that a third-party tool can offer. As a search product with robust and intelligent features available right out of the box, HawkSearch can go much further than your existing search engine. Here’s how:

Data Analyzers to Simplify Search

Are your customers searching for a 12-inch wire? Do they need to type ‘12 inch,’ ‘12 in,’ or ‘1ft’ into the search box? Here at HawkSearch, we believe it shouldn’t matter. Customers should be able to search how they want with terms that make sense to them. HawkSearch is one of the only search providers on the market with the ability to normalize product data, solving problems many merchants have with varying units of measurement that typically need to be configured manually.

Most search products have synonym functionality, (HawkSearch included) but imagine having to predict each and every unit of measurement that your customers would ever search for. You would have to enter nearly thousands of search synonyms, and maybe even more depending on your industry. With HawkSearch’s data analyzers that are available right out of the box, your team can save time and your customers can find exactly what they need. Win-win! 

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Cross-selling and up-selling is nothing new, in fact, 35% of Amazon’s revenue is generated from its recommendations engine alone. However, consumers are savvier than ever and generic products can often get ignored. For recommendations to truly be successful, they need to be personalized and aligned with real customer data.

HawkSearch’s recommendations engine uses machine learning to take details on your users and your most recent sales data to present products that customers are most likely to purchase. This powers multiple widgets that can display trending products on a one-to-one level. The best part is our recommendations engine gets smarter as time goes on and more data is collected.

SEO Influencer

Most know about the importance of being found online. Customers use search engines to research and comparison shop more than ever before, especially on the B2B side. If your SEO isn’t great, you could risk being overlooked and lose out on much-needed engagement.

HawkSearch can leverage your existing search facets and product listings to generate a massive number of SEO impactful sitemaps and pages, automatically. This SEO Influencer also leverages previous data from your most popular searches to drive even more traffic to those pages. This tool even makes your site easier for search engine crawlers to find by creating additional descriptive facets to add to your URL structure and eliminating facets from sitemaps that could have a negative impact on SEO.

Ready to switch to HawkSearch? 

It’s easy to see why a purpose-built search platform like HawkSearch can allow you to significantly expand your operations on BigCommerce and increase customer satisfaction. Just see how one of our customers on BigCommerce, Berlin Packaging, managed to increase their conversion rate by 27% - just by switching to HawkSearch. Visit the  BigCommerce Marketplace to learn more about our app. If you’re interested in learning more, sign up for a one-on-one demo with our HawkSearch team.


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