July 20, 2023

BigCommerce Partner Summit with HawkSearch

At the recent BigCommerce Partner Summit, Kyle Mitzner, Partner Manager, and Gavin Kearns, Enterprise Account Director at HawkSearch, were excited to experience firsthand the power of partnerships in the dynamic world of ecommerce. The event was packed with enlightening sessions, networking opportunities, and a shared vision for the future of commerce technology platforms.

Conference Highlights

Engaging Kickoff

The conference began on a high note, with Evan Perkins performing BigCommerce "Covers" of popular music. The audience was hooked, setting the stage for an eventful and energetic summit.

Unique BigCommerce Features

The Product Roadmap showcased highly anticipated features scheduled for release in the coming months. BigCommerce demonstrated it is continuing to innovate, providing partners and users with exceptional tools and functionalities.

Embracing Enterprise-Level Customers

CEO Brent Bellm emphasized the shift towards enterprise-level customers. This strategic focus underscores BigCommerce's commitment to serving larger businesses and meeting their specific needs.

Alpha Release Preview

During the product keynote, John McCann unveiled the alpha release of the B2B InvoicePortal. This innovative feature empowers buyers to pay any invoice online, regardless of the transaction's origin.

Key Themes and Trends

B2B Focus

It's clear that through initiatives like the B2B Edition and partnerships with companies like HawkSearch, BigCommerce is directing its attention towards B2B commerce. The growth trajectory of B2B companies is set to surpass that of B2C, highlighting the massive potential in this sector.

Shifting B2B Buyer Behavior

B2B buyers are embracing omnichannel experiences, similar to the expectations of B2C consumers. BigCommerce's capabilities, including the Multi-Storefront feature, enable businesses to provide seamless and engaging experiences across various channels.

Networking and Collaboration

The summit was perfect for the HawkSearch team to make valuable networking contacts. They connected with the entire BigCommerce partner team, including Sachin Wadhawan, VP of Channel Sales. Additionally, discussions with the Feedonomics partner team centered around joining forces to facilitate clean, templated data sharing among manufacturers, distributors, and HawkSearch.

The HawkSearch team also had fruitful conversations with prominent agency partners like oBundle, AmericanEagle.com, Thanx Media, and RDA Group. Continued technology discussions with Avalara, Pimberly, and Akeneo further expanded HawkSearch's network and potential collaborations.

Summit Success

The BigCommerce Partner Summit was an outstanding event with the right mix of social partner networking and informative sessions. Kyle and Gavin from HawkSearch left the summit feeling invigorated and inspired by the collective power of partnerships.

Bringing together a vast network of partners under one roof, the summit highlighted the bright future of commerce technology platforms and the potential for groundbreaking collaborations.

If you would like to know more about our partnership with BigCommerce or HawkSearch partner initiatives, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Kyle Mitzner, VP of Services.

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