HawkSearch Recognized by Gartner® for Search and Product Discovery
HawkSearch Recognized by Gartner® for Search and Product Discovery
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HawkSearch Recognized by Gartner® for Search and Product Discovery
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HawkSearch Service Level Agreement for Cloud / SaaS Licensed Customers

General Terms

The HawkSearch, Inc. (“Hawk”) Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) defines the eligible services and performance level parameters for the HawkSearch Cloud / SaaS solution. The SLA establishes terms of availability and performance, account management process, Customer eligibility, and warranty coverage for applications hosted within the Hawk Cloud / SaaS environment. With notice to Customer, Hawk may update its SLA. The current terms found at  https://www.hawksearch.com/hawksearch-service-level-agreement-for-cloud-saas-licensed-customerswill be in effect.

Hawk Search Capacity and Availability

Hawk guarantees that the Hawk service will be available for Customer’s URL(s) designated in the Order Form. These capacity and availability levels of the solution are guaranteed.

  • Fully Managed Network, Infrastructure, and Hardware support
  • Hawk Search Account Management Ticketing and Queue System
  • Traffic Level – as noted in the applicable Exhibit
  • Monthly Service Availability – 99.9% Uptime
  • Typical Service Maintenance Window- Saturday, 12AM-5AM CST
  • Additional Windows may be necessary for planned maintenance and Customer shall be notified five (5) business days in advance.
  • In Hawk’s sole discretion, emergency Maintenance may be performed at any time to avoid service interruptions.

Account Management

Standard Requests

Hawk Search uses a queue system for our Customers’ standard requests submitted through our Hawk Search Account Management Portal. Requests are inserted into the queue, and addressed and completed on a first-come, first-served basis. There are times throughout the year that the queues may be longer than normal, and request turnaround times will reflect this. Inbound Customer requests are initially assessed by your dedicated Account Manager, and will fall under one of four priority levels, depending on the severity of the issue. Each level includes examples of issues that would define the appropriate response of acknowledgement.

For any emergency requests that fall outside of standard business hours, please call 1(866)599-6223.

Please note: Tickets that fall within the Priority 1 (Urgent Level), such as search outages, are treated immediately and handled separately from the standard requests within the queue.

PRIORITY LEVEL 1: URGENT (Response Time: 4 Hours)

  • Search pages are down; either returning an error or zero (0) results for all searches
  • Navigation pages powered by Hawk Search are unresponsive

PRIORITY LEVEL 2: HIGH (Response Time: 8 Hours)

  • Index fails to rebuild; related to FTP issues, indexing errors, etc.
  • Pricing, if powered through Hawk, on the site is incorrectly displayed in search or navigation pages
  • Unable to connect to the Hawk API, affecting Hawk Integration

PRIORITY LEVEL 3: MEDIUM (Response Time: 12 Hours)

  • Questions related to the Workbench Configuration
  • Specific items not indexed correctly
  • Reporting not functioning as expected
  • Isolated issues involving search and/or navigation

PRIORITY LEVEL 4: LOW (Response Time: 24 Hours)

  • Custom styling changes
  • Bugs within the Dashboard, User Interface, etc.

In order to fairly manage all Customer expectations, standard requests are assigned a resolution time based on Hawk Search priority level and queue position. Our Account Management and Technical Engineering teams work together to provide realistic turnaround times, and will communicate in a timely manner if the initial resolution estimate needs to be altered. To further assist our teams in expediting, Customers are encouraged to communicate their own specific priority level to each ticket if they have multiple tickets open in the portal. Please note that when a ticket status is marked with one of the following, the resolution timer is not in effect:

  • Pending Your Response
  • Pending Third Party's Response
  • On-Hold Pending Customer Reactivation
  • On-Hold Pending AM Review

Custom Work and Professional Services Requests

Modifications to the Application Requirements or otherwise requested after signing the Hawk Search Approval to Launch form may require professional services fees, which will be noted after the initial assessment by either your Project or Account Manager.

Any inbound custom requests (including all requests for new functionality) post-launch will be assessed and estimated by your Account Manager, who will provide you with a quote for estimated completion time and cost of the request. The standard turnaround time for a change order estimate is seven (7) business days. Timeline for completion of changes will depend on the scope of work and shall be discussed separately.

Customers will be notified and charged if changes need to be reverted outside of the provided timeline.

Hawk Search will not launch any custom changes to a live site on a Friday, during a blackout window prior to a major shopping holiday, or during a release window.

Hawk Search will not launch any custom changes to a live site without explicit approval/confirmation from the Customer.

Please note: Estimates for larger updates may require more time necessary to scope the details. Your Account Manager will communicate the approximate lead-time. Should you approve an estimate for larger pieces of functionality, it will likely be necessary to assign a Project Manager to the change order.

Depending on your site’s needs, and the volume of custom requests received on a monthly basis, your Account Manager can work with you to purchase a monthly retainer package of hours dedicated to custom work. While it is not necessary to purchase retainer packages, it may be an efficient approach to save time and money.

Customer Eligibility for SLA Coverage

To be eligible for coverage under the SLA, Customer must be current on all Hawk Search fees, and data feeds must be up-to-date and formatted according to approved technical requirements. Customer must execute a Master Services Agreement and Services Exhibits with a minimum of a twelve (12) month term for the eligible Services.

Service Credits

In the event that Hawk does not meet the specifications for the Services designated herein, Customer may receive Service Credits. For each 30 minutes of non-conforming service, Hawk shall render a Service Credit in the amount equal to 5% of Customer’s current monthly service fee. Total Service Credits for a given month cannot exceed 100% of the Customer’s current monthly service fee. These Service Credits will be applied to the next monthly invoice.

Exclusions from SLA Coverage

  • Scheduled Maintenance Downtime - Hawk performs maintenance during the Standard Service Maintenance Window. These hours are set aside for necessary maintenance and are not used to calculate monthly service availability. Hawk will also provide reasonable advance notice of any other scheduled maintenance downtime not specifically defined in this SLA.
  • Force Majeure Events - Any interruptions in the Services caused by Acts of Nature, war, terrorism, or other conditions beyond Hawk’s control.
  • Third-Party Systems - Systems outside the Hawk network such as, but not limited to, Customer-managed servers, network, and processes.
  • Non-Hawk Resources - Any interruptions, delays, or failures caused by Customer, its employees, agents, or subcontractors.

After-Hours Contact Information

For urgent issues that require immediate attention and resolution outside of business hours, it is strongly recommended to reach out via telephone in order to ensure visibility.

After-Hours Telephone Number: 1(866)599-6223

Post-Launch 30-Day Implementation Warranty

Once your Hawk Services have officially gone live within the Cloud / SaaS Hawk Search environment, your 30-day implementation warranty will take effect immediately. During this time, you should bring any outstanding issues from the business requirements document to Hawk’s attention.

Any functionality requests made after the 30-day implementation warranty period, or that were not part of the business requirements document, will be considered custom, however, and scoped accordingly.