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Relevancy Tuning

Leverage relevancy algorithm, relevancy score, documents, and results to enhance the user experience. Refine results for increased relevancy with insights captured from prior search activity. Fine tune with which data fields, keywords, or other identifiers influence the search results returned. Individual fields can be configured by selecting from advanced options.
A search on an ecommerce website showing suggestions for different kinds of pots

Boost and Bury

Nail Product Placement

The standard features found on HawkSearch can help merchandisers best position products or content on landing pages to inspire conversions and accomplish their goals.

Window showing a user dragging and dropping selected products to the top of a search results page

Visitor Targeting

Automatically increase conversions by targeting and personalizing search recommendations for users based on their preferences, relevant behavior, and buying motivations in real-time.
Windows show different results for the search term "jackets" based on location


Reporting provides real-time insight into search trends, page performance, and interactions. Continuously optimize search experiences through data points driving decisions.
Window showing Search Keyword analytics report

Variant Logic

The search autocomplete functionality in HawkSearch allows a search to be done based on variant logic. Variant logic displays the child SKU product in relation to the parent SKU product for a specific result so customers can see correct price and corresponding attributes (like color, etc.) of those child items. If your site does not support rendering child SKUs on pages, HawkSearch can still streamline the experience by showing the specific price and image against the parent product.
Window showing search results for blue sofas


In B2B, there are often membership exclusive access to certain products, quantity, and pricing to control wholesale purchasing. HawkSearch’s entitlement policies can display product search results based on criteria for buyer group memberships.
Window showing search options to include different entitlement tags


Control which products are displayed with visibility rules. Stay updated on current inventory levels, automatically remove products without inventory, or push low inventory products to the bottom of the page. Similarly, HawkSearch can automatically push down items that have no price assigned to them.
Window showing different visibility rule options

Year Make Model Trim

Vehicle year, make, model, and trim combinations can narrow results to an individual level. HawkSearch can power these filters to return the correct results to meet your industry’s specific needs.
Window showing year, make, and model options to narrow search for vehicle parts


Call out and draw attention to certain products or content with HawkSearch’s banner tool. Banners immediately capture the attention of a shopper, often creating the desire to learn more about the product or information being featured.
Search results for cushioned armchairs featuring banner image of Armchairs at the top

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Why Do I Need an Intelligent Site Search?
An intelligent site search considerably adds to the frictionless customer experience, acting as your site's best sales representative to increase conversions, empower SEO, and generate revenue.
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