Top Electrical Distributor Chooses Bridgeline's AI-Powered HawkSearch

WOBURN, MA—Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a global leader in AI-powered marketing technology, today announced that one of the top 10 leading electrical distributors in the United States has chosen Bridgeline's HawkSearch to handle their sophisticated search needs across hundreds of local store websites.

HawkSearch’s merchandising capabilities will increase sales across nearly one thousand local store websites by improving navigation within the distributor’s catalog of five million products.  Through HawkSearch’s new Multi-Engine Management (MEM) feature, the distributor can easily make corporate changes to hundreds of local store websites. Additionally, HawkSearch enables each store to implement targeted local campaigns. The MEM feature provides scale and control for the corporate office, while allowing the flexibility needed at the store level to target local merchandising needs.

The MEM feature also reduces the complexity of distributing product updates across hundreds of stores through a robust indexing capability that distributes data feeds and product updates automatically to all local store indexes through a single process.

Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline, emphasized, “Many B2B distributors are challenged to support a large network of websites associated with each store. The new HawkSearch Multi-Engine Management feature allows the corporate office to control some of the global configuration settings across their network, while allowing local store managers to configure merchandising campaigns and rules that meet the needs of their local market. This reduces the complexity and cost of centrally managing these settings while growing revenue in each of the local stores.”

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Danielle Colvin
SVP of Marketing
Bridgeline Digital

Written by Samantha Ketslakh