Plumbing Supply Leader Taps into New Revenue Strategy with HawkSearch by Bridgeline

WOBURN, Mass., Nov. 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), announced that its AI-powered site search solution Hawksearch was chosen by a leading B2B plumbing supplier to provide site search, recommendations, and data quality enhancement for their Optimizely site.  

The plumbing supplier has committed to a more than $60,000 license for Bridgeline’s Hawksearch to power personalized recommendations and data quality enhancement capabilities. The supplier will use Hawksearch to power site search for their 28 distribution locations, 15 appliance stores, and distribution for their catalog of over 200,000 products.

The plumbing supplier will use Hawksearch's B2B Optimizely connector to empower its website's search, offering more relevant search results and personalized recommendations to increase average order value. Hawksearch's data quality enhancement feature matches a search for a "6-inch" product keyword with products indexed as "6 inches," "Six inches," "1/2 foot," etc. to deliver excellent results. The supplier's site visitors can navigate thousands of products using Hawksearch's advanced data filtering and sorting capabilities.  

Hawksearch has over a decade of experience with B2B suppliers and distributors and has a proven history of servicing Optimizely customers such as Cleaner Supply Co., Crescent Electric, and Collections ETC.  

Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline, says, "Bridgeline is proud to continue to offer greater value to Optimizely and its users. We are excited to see how Hawksearch can help this Plumbing supplier succeed in its growth strategy."  

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