Leading Office Furniture Manufacturer Implements Bridgeline’s HawkSearch

WOBURN, MA – Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a provider of marketing technology software, announced today that a leading office-supply manufacturer has implemented HawkSearch on its eCommerce site.

The manufacturer will use HawkSearch AI to increase online revenue for over 500,000 product searches per month. HawkSearch AI will increase conversions through features such as autocomplete. A shopper can begin to type“student” and autocomplete will use past search behavior to predict that the intended query is “student desks” and displays popular matches before the shopper even finishes typing. This leads to faster conversion for each search query.

HawkSearch Recommendations powers a personalized shopping experience to increase the average order size. For instance, when a shopper searches for“mail sorters” for their mail room and selects the “Mail Sorter Cabinet,” HawkSearch will display recommendations for the matching “Mail Sorting Table” for the customer to easily put this additional item in their cart, increasing the value of their order.

Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline, stated, "Our partnership with this manufacturer showcases our ability to grow revenue for manufacturers by delivering accurate and personalized results for hundreds of thousands of queries each month. The AI-powered search capabilities of HawkSearch play a pivotalrole in managing complex product inventories, ensuring a smooth and efficient online shopping experience for users."


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‍Danielle Colvin
SVP of Marketing
Bridgeline Digital