HawkSearch Provides Seamless Search for Architex

Leading contract textile company, Architex, has just launched a new website with HawkSearch as its on-site search and recommendations engine. Now, the wide range of interior designers, architects, and specifiers in need of Architex’s commercial fabrics, can find exactly what they need faster and more efficiently. The new Architex-ljh.com is driven by advanced search. Visitors can search by pattern name, product category, color, material type and more and get the most relevant results for their query, backed by HawkSearch’s AI-powered tools. As a company in the textile industry, many buyers come to the Architex website looking for specific colors and textures. Getting the right item in front of the right user is essential and using HawkSearch, Architex can display search results of the exact product attributes that users are looking for. A search for the term ‘Orange Sketch,’ for example, returns results that display the correct product SKU in the corresponding orange color that was entered. It’s a seemingly small change that can amplify user experience.    

The new Architex website also includes:  

  • Faceted Navigation, which allows users to drill down their search query by pattern-style, finish, use cases, and other helpful attributes.
  • Dynamic Marketing tools that enable Architex’s merchandising team to control the order in which search results appear.  
  • A responsive search interface that users can interact with on any device.
  • Smart Autocomplete to predict visitors’ search queries, resulting in fewer clicks.  

“It is becoming more important to provide an intuitive search experience for companies that have several product attributes like color, size, and brand,” HawkSearch CTO, Shreyas Kamath said. “We are proud to have successfully rolled out these customizations for Architex using HawkSearch’s advanced relevancy logic.”   To get more information and see HawkSearch in action,  schedule a one-on-one demo today.