HawkSearch Named in Gartner’s Latest Digital Commerce Vendor Guide

HawkSearch is pleased to announce that it has been named a sample vendor in  Gartner’s March 2020 Digital Commerce Vendor Guide. According to the report, “This guide presents a list of sample vendors for each technology section,” along with key recommendations to help businesses prioritize areas of investment.  

The digital commerce ecosystem has rapidly expanded through the years, but despite such a wide range of new technology products on the market, leaders agree that providing better customer experiences should be the hallmark of any ecommerce investment. The report states, “In the Gartner 2019 Digital Commerce State of the Union Survey, 42% of respondents identified the need to improve customer satisfaction as one of the three most important business drivers for embracing digital commerce.” The report also mentions that “effective commerce search is critical for a good customer experience.”  HawkSearch has the power to amplify customer experiences through personalized search results and robust recommendations that connect customers to the items they need. The array of features available to businesses right out of the box include advanced product comparisons, facetted navigation, an SEO influencer, marketing tools, and more. HawkSearch is also one of the only search providers on the market with the ability to normalize product data, solving problems many merchants have with varying units of measurement that typically need to be configured manually.   “We are excited to be recognized in Gartner’s Digital Commerce Vendor Guide,” Michael Benedict, HawkSearch General Manager said. “Personalized search and recommendation are the foundation to any digital commerce endeavor and HawkSearch’s unified platform can deliver a tangible revenue uplift for any ecommerce business using other solutions today.”