HawkSearch Announces Comprehensive Digital Experience Suite to Drive Unparalleled Online Shopping Experience

The most recent upgrade to the robust and feature-rich HawkSearch search tool provides merchandisers increased versatility to control and improve their customers’ search experiences. HawkSearch’s dynamic marketing tools provides targeted merchandising and the ability to display highly relevant product listings to each and every visitor. Site search results can be exceptionally precise based on such visitor attributes as geographic location, source of the visit and other demographic information. Merchandisers can also take an ownership approach and fully control what products are displayed and in what order. The ability to do this creates endless options and opportunities for visitor engagement. This unified shopping experience improves conversion rates across the board for customers, including PGA Tour Superstore and Sweetwater Sound, Inc.

Whether shoppers start their journeys from the site search box, top level navigation or by a content landing page, HawkSearch can influence the whole experience up to checkout. Merchandisers have control over their search experiences through one unified workbench. “The dashboard and tool set allows a company to quickly review, change and provide quick personalization - without the need of a large technical team,” said Nathaniel Norris from Central Restaurant Products. “The visible score and boost figures will allow you to test and improve your results sets much more quickly.” Built to augment any ecommerce platform from Magento to Oracle Commerce, HawkSearch provides capabilities that can accelerate revenue and growth. By expanding their partner ecosystem with innovative and forward-thinking relationships, as well as speeding up implementation times with reliable ecommerce platform plug-ins, HawkSearch drives how modern ecommerce businesses cater to online shoppers and stay relevant in today’s marketplace. HawkSearch Features include:

  • Dynamic Marketing
  • Synonyms
  • Banner Campaigns
  • Visitor Buckets
  • Faceted Navigation
  • Smart Autocomplete
  • Relevant Recommendations    
About HawkSearch      

Hawksearch is an intelligent search and recommendations platform that powers success for any size business across all industries. Our goal is to ensure brands have innovative tools to deliver accurate, relevant and customizable search experiences enabling users to find the relevant results for their needs in context, no matter the device, platform, or language.

Having completed over 400+ implementations, HawkSearch is utilized for delivering engaging and personalized search experiences through our innovative features, which enable marketers, merchandisers and developers to accomplish their goals.