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Join the ranks of B2B and B2C businesses that have transformed their eCommerce search solutions, boosted conversion rates, and built lasting brand loyalty with HawkSearch. When it comes to providing a personalized shopping experience, we believe in soaring above the rest.

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Why HawkSearch Shines Brightest

Step into the Spotlight of Site Search Excellence

Search for "best robot vacuums under $200". HawkSearch understands portions of the sentence and filters the search results.

Mighty Machine Learning

Powered by AI, our machine learning algorithms adapt to your users in real-time. Leverage relevant product suggestions and intelligent filtering to reach your goals time after time.

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Flexibility that Fosters Freedom

Feel confined by stringent site search offerings? Spread your wings with HawkSearch's highly customizable solutions. Adjust, tweak, and tailor your site search to meet your exact needs. Your site, your rules.

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Scalability that Scales with You

Whether you're a fledgling startup or a rising enterprise, HawkSearch adjusts its flight pattern to meet your needs. Experience seamless scalability that adapts to your growth, not the other way around.

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Client-Centric Commitment

Customer support that really supports. Our team of experts is always a click or call away, ready to assist in your quest for a premier product discovery experience. Get solutions, not excuses. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Making Integration as Easy as Possible

On any platform

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Custom Platform

Whether you’ve built on .NET, Java or Open-Source. HawkSearch can integrate with any codebase.

Elevate your site search experience with HawkSearch—Where Excellence Takes Flight.