November 24, 2023

Webinar: Accelerate Your Optimizely On-Site Search

In the fast-paced world of B2B eCommerce, our recent webinar, "Accelerate your Optimizely On-Site Search," was a wealth of information for enterprises seeking to amplify their online presence through intelligent search solutions. The webinar featured a distinguished panel of eCommerce experts from Optimizely, Xngage* and HawkSearch, moderated by Jonathan Myers, HawkSearch's Senior Solutions Engineer. 

This 30 minute conversation highlighted the evolving landscape of B2B eCommerce, the imperative role of advanced search functionality and how the powerhouse partnership between Optimizely, Xngage and HawkSearch is solving for some of the biggest challenges in product discovery with the release of the Xngage Connector for HawkSearch.

The Xngage Connector for HawkSearch has answered the question asked by many B2B clients on Optimizely’s Configured Commerce platform, namely - “How do we make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for?” With B2B companies, we know that disjointed data, inconsistent measurements and complex catalogs can make it challenging for visitors to have an easy  journey to check out. Fortunately, with this exciting new connector, not only can Configured Commerce customers use HawkSearch’s powerful features like the Unit of Measure Converter, Personalization, Customizable Sorting and Merchandising Features - they can access these easily thanks to Xngage. 

A Solid Foundation with Optimizely

Jeff Cheal, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Optimizely, set the stage by emphasizing the strong baseline offering within the Configured Commerce platform. While commendable as a starting point, Cheal acknowledged the need for more advanced search capabilities and the significance of collaborations with experts like HawkSearch.

Cheal helped frame the conversation at the beginning of the webinar, explaining: 

“While we have a baseline offering that is very good as a starter kit, we now get to talk about…more advanced functionality search brings to organizations and to bring in experts like HawkSearch who know how to have that conversation.”

The Xngage Connector for HawkSearch

The initial partnership between Optimizely and HawkSearch proved beneficial for customers but with a need for complex customizations connecting Optimizely HawkSearch, it can be challenging in terms of time to launch, prompting the involvement of Xngage - an already reputable digital solutions company within the Optimizely community.

Joe Albrecht, CEO of Xngage, shed light on the collaborative efforts to connect Optimizely and HawkSearch. 

“When HawkSearch and Optimizely announced the partnership around search, we were just as excited as other folks, and we felt there is an opportunity to build an accelerator so customers can benefit from a quicker implementation timeline.”

Xngage developed this powerful connector to streamline and accelerate the implementation process, reducing the time and effort required for customers to leverage HawkSearch's advanced search capabilities within the Optimizely Configured Commerce platform. This strategic move aimed to make the adoption of a more sophisticated search tool accessible to a wider audience at Optimizely.

Unpacking Advanced Search Features

The Xngage Connector for HawkSearch brings tangible benefits to B2B eCommerce at Optimizely, enabling Configured Commerce customers to seamlessly integrate advanced search features. These features include:

  • Easy integration with HawkSearch
  • Advanced unit of measure conversions
  • Customizable sorting and facets
  • Personalized user experiences with tools like auto-complete and 'Instant Engage'

Gavin Kearns, VP of Sales, highlighted the significance of these capabilities in customizing the shopping experience for larger accounts in the B2B sector.

Live Demonstration: From Theory to Reality

John Murcott, EVP of Product and Strategy at HawkSearch took the spotlight with a practical demonstration, showcasing the seamless and codeless implementation of HawkSearch's enhanced search features within the Optimizely platform. The demonstration underscored the importance of personalization and relevancy in search results, illustrating how these factors drive conversions in a B2B context. A notable highlight was the 'Unit of Measure' feature, which addressed the common issue of non-standardized measurements in product catalogs.

Making The Jump to HawkSearch

Rounding out the conversation with an eye towards strategic adoption, Cheal advised Configured Commerce customers to consider where they stand in their eCommerce journey when adding HawkSearch to their suite of tools. He emphasized the importance of aligning technology adoption with business strategy to maximize the benefits of this innovative search solution - and we couldn’t agree more.

The conversation concluded with a collective commitment from Xngage, HawkSearch, and Optimizely to equip customers with the tools and insights needed to enhance eCommerce sites. In summary, the "Accelerate your Optimizely On-Site Search" webinar provided a comprehensive overview of the strategic collaboration. The webinar showcased the journey from identifying the need for advanced search capabilities to the practical implementation of HawkSearch's features within the Optimizely platform. As we look to the future, the landscape of eCommerce search is set to evolve, and HawkSearch is excited to continue this journey with its innovative partners. Stay tuned for more insights and details as we delve deeper into HawkSearch's functionalities with Optimizely in 2024.

*Xngage is an independent brand and digital services company not affiliated or owned by Bridgeline/HawkSearch


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