June 13, 2024

Unveiling Athena: Revolutionizing Search with Gen AI-Powered Insights

The future of intelligent search is here with HawkSearch’s latest release, Athena. Leveraging AI, this platform redefines how users interact with information, particularly in e-commerce and beyond.

Seamless Smart Search

Athena goes beyond keyword search through Gen AI integration, providing smart responses, concept search, and instantly delivering concise summaries and tailored insights. Imagine searching for a product and receiving not just a list of items, but a smart summary tailored to your query. According to John Murcott in his most recent podcast with CEO Dr. Ari Kahn, “HawkSearch is evolving... With Athena’s release, it not only continues leveraging capabilities around RAG such as concept and image search, but also has additional features like dialogue personalized to your search query utilizing Gen AI.”

Interactive User Experience

Athena engages users with interactive conversational dialogue based on search queries. It prompts follow-up questions and suggestions, mimicking a personalized sales assistant online. This enhances engagement and ensures users find what they need efficiently.

Power of RAG: Retrieval Augmented Generation

Powered by RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), Athena blends retrieval-based search with AI-generated content, improving large language models’ (LLMs) output by providing context from relevant data or documents before generating a response. This ensures accurate information retrieval and creative response generation, elevating the search experience with contextual insights.

Cross-Industry Applications

Initially designed for e-commerce, Athena’s adaptability extends to diverse sectors. It streamlines knowledge management, facilitates complex queries in industries with vast product catalogs such as automotive equipment and electrical supply, and enhances operational efficiency. Athena is versatile and adaptive. It summarizes vast amounts of data, provides insights, and engages in meaningful dialogues, making it an invaluable tool for enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Seamless Integration and Future Developments

Athena seamlessly integrates with existing systems, respecting personalized experiences and data entitlements. Future updates like Hermes will further integrate keyword search with advanced Gen AI, promising even more intuitive search capabilities such as combining both keyword and concept search for a more streamlined search experience.


Athena sets a new standard in search technology, redefining user interaction and data retrieval. Whether optimizing product discovery or enhancing knowledge management, Athena empowers businesses with Gen AI-driven insights and personalized user experiences.

Experience the future with Athena, where intelligence meets innovation to transform digital engagement and operational efficiency.


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