February 6, 2019

The Value Of HawkSearch – The Human Touch

We live in a world today that is unprecedented when compared to any other time in human history. Never before has society been so advanced from a technological standpoint. As the influence of the digital age continues to impact us, there exists the real possibility that old fashioned, human interaction will continue to diminish with each passing year. As much as technology and the role it plays in our lives continues to evolve, basic human nature will never change. People will always continue to yearn for experiences that are meaningful to them and want what they consider to be important to matter. The world of ecommerce has certainly embraced the concepts of personalization and providing memorable encounters.

Online retailers are constantly looking for methods and technologies that will deliver extremely satisfactory experiences. HawkSearch was designed to do just that, by providing ecommerce sellers the tools they need to take their customers on a journey that includes the one thing that most people are looking for today – the human touch. Meaningful ecommerce encounters start with on-site search results. Here are some powerful ways in which HawkSearch helps online retailers deliver very personal experiences to shoppers.

Visitor Targeting

Visitor targeting provides ecommerce sellers the ability to make the most out of known information about their online buyers. By utilizing such data as gender, zip code or even prior purchase history, HawkSearch can tailor fit search results to be much more effective and personalized. For example, a visitor at a clothing website does a search for winter coats. Because HawkSearch knows that this particular person is in Florida (based on zip code), search results will highlight lighter, less dense coat choices. The same is true for a Chicago shopper, as in this case, the visitor targeting feature would prioritize heavier, warmer coats to be displayed. This kind of personalization goes a long way in creating search results that are much more in tune with each shopper’s needs. Information about gender or prior purchase history can also be utilized to make site visitors feel that their search results have personal relevance to them.

Machine Learning

Advancements in machine learning have sprung from research into artificial intelligence. Search tools such as HawkSearch capture vast amounts of data from the search activities of site visitors. Because the analysis of this massive amount of information was not possible years ago, web retailers were not able to put it to good use. HawkSearch evaluates real shopper data and uses it to detect search patterns and behaviors. From this review process. predictions can be made about what visitors are most likely wanting to see in their search results. Machine learning has become a very accurate tool in helping HawkSearch optimize search relevancy. This technology will continue to evolve and improve its ability to help personalize search experiences for ecommerce shoppers.  

Transform Mere Transactions Into Meaningful Journeys

The world of ecommerce is mostly on a level playing field, in the sense that nearly all retailers in a given industry will offer similar products to the public with competitive pricing. Those who come out ahead in today’s online marketplace will be sellers who provide customers with a meaningful experience that they will remember and talk about with their family and friends. The days of uneventful financial transactions are thankfully a thing of the past. The on-site search engine is the starting point of such memorable journeys for shoppers. When buyers see search results that speak to them as individuals, not only do conversions increase, but loyal, returning customers are created. Society and its technology will continue to evolve in the coming years, but the human need to feel important and cared about will never go away. Ironically, the more we lose the human touch in our everyday interactions with our world, the greater we will crave it. HawkSearch gives ecommerce retailers just what the doctor ordered - the ability to provide some good old fashioned, feel good, personal service courtesy of the search box.


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