August 2, 2019

The Power of Relevancy Tuning

Whether it be while shopping online or looking for information, today’s website visitors are demanding relevance in their search results. They want to find exactly what they are looking for and not be forced to sift through a lot of information that is not meaningful. As the world seems to be getting more impersonal, website users crave personalization, the feeling that what matters to them is important. HawkSearch has some powerful tools that can be utilized to maximize relevancy for shoppers and visitors.

Tuning Control

HawkSearch gives marketers the ability to fine tune which data fields or keywords will influence search results, so relevancy can be optimized. Let’s look at a high end company that sells designer clothing and accessories. When a shopper types “leather gloves” into the search box, the expectation is that their search results will not include other leather products such as shoes, belts or coats. HawkSearch can be tuned to exclude fields that aren’t relevant to the main search criteria. In this case, the term glove would be the driving search term, with leather as a secondary one.

This kind of tuning control from the HawkSearch dashboard ensures that shoppers will receive the most accurate and relevant search results every time. Having the ability to choose which data fields will influence search results is a very easy way to greatly improve search satisfaction with visitors.

Smart Autocomplete

Another useful tool in the quest for outstanding search relevance is the Smart Autocomplete feature. As a site visitor engages with the search box by typing in a description of what they are looking for, Smart Autocomplete takes over by finishing the search phrasing for them. Utilizing prediction technology, HawkSearch can help shoppers receive the search results that they want much more quickly and accurately.

There are a number of sources derived from previously captured search data that the Smart Autocomplete can use to auto populate visitors’ search descriptions.

  • Top Results – Being able to display the top results for a given search inquiry makes the shopping journey smoother and leads to faster conversions.
  • Popular Searches- Expand the search,but maintain relevancy. Search results can be broadened to include variations of what the shopper wants to see. For example, an inquiry for “t shirts” can be widened to include different types, such as “pocket t shirt” or “v-neck”. Offering this additional information in search results can further personalize the shopping experience.
  • Top Facets - Displaying facets for visitors can customize search results, by allowing shoppers to drill down by color, size, gender and many other attributes. This feature can also be customized by website merchandisers to help draw searchers’ attention to certain products.

Solving Difficult Search Issues

Sometimes web sellers will encounter unique search challenges, which can often cause frustration for shoppers. This is particularly true in the B2B online marketplace. For example, let’s consider a company that sells machinery parts. This company’s inventory is largely organized by part numbers, which normally contain dashes and a combination of numbers, letters and other symbols.

With most on-site search products, an incomplete part number being typed into the search box will produce little or no results. This situation could mislead a shopper to infer that the company doesn’t carry a particular part, which will lead to a lost sale. To remedy this situation, many marketing teams are forced to manually load as many different variations of a given part number into the search engine, so that results can be returned.

HawkSearch does not require sellers to complete these laborious and time intensive tasks, as onboard analyzers are able to decipher both full or partial part number descriptions and still deliver relevant and accurate search results. These built in analyzers largely automate many functions that are still quite often a manual and time-consuming process with competing on-site search products.

The online marketplace continues to grow and get more competitive with each passing year. It is critical for online sellers, no manner their industry to “swing for the fences” with every visitor by consistently delivering personalized and relevant search results to them. HawkSearch has powerful relevancy tuning tools that can help marketers and merchandisers produce extremely high quality search experiences. A satisfying search journey is the first critical step to converting mere site visitors into loyal and returning customers.


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