October 16, 2018

The HawkSearch Partnership Program - Expand Your Business Offerings With A Product That Benefits Your Customers

In previous blogs we have focused on the HawkSearch product itself and how it is designed to be an intelligent search and recommendations platform that powers success for any size business across all industries. Our goal is to ensure brands have innovative tools to deliver accurate, relevant and customizable search experiences enabling users to find the relevant results for their needs in context, no matter the device, platform or language. In this installment, we want to highlight the many great benefits of partnering with us through the HawkSearch Partnership Program.

What Is The HawkSearch Partnership Program?

At HawkSearch we greatly value the relationships we have built over the years with our customers and our partners. We are always looking for more great companies to partner with to bring valuable resources to them and their customer base as well. The HawkSearch Partnership Program is designed to give your organization access to all that Hawksearch has to offer.

Why Partner With Us?

We believe that our ongoing success depends upon our partners’ ability to be successful. That is why we are dedicated to providing partners with the tools and resources they need to grow their business. By partnering with us, you can add HawkSearch to your arsenal of business capabilities and at the same time use it as a resource to offer a top quality, search solution to your customers.

Who Partners With Us?

While we are always open to new, creative ideas about partnerships, typically our alliances have grown organically from 3 main areas:

Digital Agencies  – Companies who design and develop websites have been a steady source of partnerships for us. These agencies are pleased to be able to offer a proven, highly effective search solution for their customers. In addition, agency partners can depend on HawkSearch to provide full technical/customer support and training to their customers after implementing our search solution.

Technology Companies  - Generally speaking, these types of companies provide value by creating a technology that bridges a gap or a creates a unified solution to a business operational challenge. These organizations value having strong partnerships with companies such as HawkSearch to provide solutions and added value to their customers.

Website Platforms  - HawkSearch has proudly partnered with some of the biggest names in web platforms such as Sitecore, BigCommerce, Progress Sitefinity, Magento, WordPress and many more. HawkSearch has integrated thousands of search implementations on over 20 different platforms and has also built seamless connectors to some of them. Since HawkSearch is platform agnostic, we can also effortlessly integrate into to really any platform, even those that are home grown or custom. Platform developers and the people who use their products have found great benefit in partnering with HawkSearch to recommend seamless integrations for their customers.

Another great benefit of the HawkSearch Partnership Program is that our partners have access to such valuable resources as our marketing tools, account management, lead distribution, sales and technical support. We also offer the opportunity to be eligible for a healthy commission program. HawkSearch believes that good partnerships are based on win-win relationships. By taking everything HawkSearch has to offer and making it a part of your own services, we are helping your business grow and become even more valuable to your customers.


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