August 10, 2018

Standing Out In A Crowded Search Landscape

In previous blog posts, we have discussed in some detail about how HawkSearch gives our customers the ability to provide site visitors highly personalized and extremely relevant search results. The many features that come with HawkSearch have proven to be extremely effective when it comes to turning site visitors into loyal and returning users.

In this blog, we are going to focus on some of the additional, very unique features of HawkSearch that have proven to be a critical part of the search success that we have helped bring to our customers’ ecommerce and information management websites.

What Makes HawkSearch Uniquely Different

Smart Insights - Utilizing the technologies of machine learning, visitor targeting and artificial intelligence, HawkSearch is able to analyze huge amounts of previously unavailable data to make predictions about visitor behaviors and trends. Harnessing this information allows us to return very relevant and personalized search results to every site visitor.

Relevant Recommendations - Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, HawkSearch can generate either product or relevant content recommendations that appeal to each visitors’ unique needs or interests. In addition, the use of synonyms, spell-check/did you mean and keyword replacement technology brings even more opportunity to refine the focus search results for every searcher.

Powerful Workbench - While HawkSearch has many automated features to help marketers and merchandizers accomplish their goals, our workbench also gives business users great flexibility and control over critical settings such as boost/bury rules, pinning, banners, redirects and landing pages.

Reporting - The information available within the HawkSearch reporting tool goes beyond most competitive metrics offerings. Users can drive decision making and strategy through a robust dashboard that gives an “at a glance” summary of essential website metrics. The reporting functionality within HawkSearch allows you to track and analyze the performance effectiveness of critical site functions such as recommendations, landing pages and search trends. Key performance information is readily available. In addition, the HawkSearch reporting tool can be fully integrated with external metrics such as Google Analytics.

Delivery Method - HawkSearch offers customers the choice of either SAAS or On Premises delivery methods, based on specific customer need. For industries that have protected or sensitive data such as the healthcare or financial fields, the On Premises option offers these organizations the added security that they need.

HawkSearch has proven tools and strategies to achieve success whether the search focus is on ecommerce or information-based websites. In addition to the powerful standard features that HawkSearch has to offer, the unique features discussed in this blog take the tool’s capabilities to an unrivaled level. When considering all that HawkSearch has to offer, we can stand out in a crowded search landscape.


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