March 15, 2018

Looking To Solve The Mystery Of Search? 2018 HawkSearch Forum Reveals Solutions

It’s 8am. You just sat down at your desk. As the steam rises off of that first cup of coffee, are you thinking about the challenges of search? How to best help your customers utilize your website to easily find the products and information they need? If overcoming these common business obstacles fill your thoughts, then we have just what you need - The HawkSearch Client Forum.

The most recent Forum was held in March at the HawkSearch offices in Des Plaines, IL. The goal of this event was to gather HawkSearch executives, engineers, subject matter experts and clients for an interactive day of information, brainstorming, strategizing and product updates.

The Forum was segmented into session topics:

  • Introductory comments and client Q&A with HawkSearch executives Mike and Tony Svanascini. Many HawkSearch milestones were shared.
  • Keynote address by Juan Beck of Belami eCommerce and Juan spoke in detail about how his organization uses HawkSearch in over 90 different websites across various industries to help stand out from the competition in an over-crowded online world.
  • Forward-looking roadmap with HawkSearch Chief Technology Officer, Shreyas Kamath, and other subject matter experts. Client dashboard redesign, mobile device access, advancements and exciting improvements followed by lively audience participation.
  • The introduction of a dynamic, new partnership between HawkSearch and Elasticsearch.
  • The importance of SEO, machine learning, search relevancy, landing pages, reporting metrics, recommendations and the emerging technology of voice activated search.
  • Informative client success case studies of Samaritan Health Services, University of Missouri, Kirby Risk and State Electric Supply Co. How these diverse clients all found solutions with HawkSearch.
  • Lively interactive audience Q&A and brainstorming session with the HawkSearch team and clients.

Keynote speaker Juan Beck summed up the day-long event. “I think these forums are really valuable because it’s an opportunity to look behind the scenes and see what the people building HawkSearch are doing”.

“It’s also a great chance for all of us to collaborate on different fronts and figure out new ways of doing things so we can remain competitive and win. HawkSearch encourages our feedback as clients. They always want to hear about what the clients need the product to do” Beck concluded.

Be sure to watch out for announcements regarding the next upcoming HawkSearch Forum. You won’t want to miss it!


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