June 12, 2018

IRCE 2018 – Three Days of Insight & Inspiration

Hopefully everyone had a chance to attend the IRCE 2018 show this year. The annual Internet Retail Conference and Exhibition event is the ecommerce industry’s largest trade show of the year.

From the moment the show opened June 5th until its end on the 8th, it was a non-stop beehive of activity with something for everyone. As participants walked the conference floor, their eyes experienced booth displays of every color and design. Many vendors experimented with creative ways to capture attendees’ attention. A total of 3,100 companies were represented by exhibitors. 130 interactive, learning sessions were led by industry experts as well as presentations by over 200 exciting speakers.

The HawkSearch booth was conveniently located at spot #1701 and our team was very pleased with the steady stream of people who came over to learn more about our site search solution and how it provides extremely relevant and personalized search experiences for our customers and their shoppers. Our team had some very productive conversations about many of the HawkSearch features such as Relevant Recommendations, Smart Autocomplete, visitor targeting, the use of synonyms, boosting/pining, dashboard tools, Smart Insights, SEO Influencer and other powerful marketing strategies. In fact, to add additional substance to the conversation, our team pulled our visitors’ actual websites up and spoke specifically to people about how HawkSearch’s features could be incorporated into their web properties.

These conversations were very productive for all involved. But it was not all business at the HawkSearch booth as there was time for fun too. Danny Orleans, a professional corporate magician captivated our audiences with his amazing up-close magic act. Danny took $1 bills and somehow instantly transformed them into $100 notes. He even borrowed audience members’ wristwatches and magically made them travel back to the exact time the owner would guess. Danny promised our booth visitors that HawkSearch would perform magic on their websites as well.

IRCE is always a great chance to connect with customers, new contacts and industry peers for a few days of learning, fun and above all, ideas on how to make ecommerce more successful year after year. Chicago – RetailX 2019 – See you there!


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