December 1, 2016

Holiday Season Resources Recap

The 2016 holiday shopping season is in full swing. It's been a great season so far and we've been busy working on some great changes for our clients that will take place next year. We’ve really enjoyed sharing some tips with you and hope they've been helpful. In case you missed any of them, here's a recap of some key takeaways.

Emerchandising - Tips to Improve the Customer Experience

Personalized product recommendations take the shopping experience to the next level by incorporating individual shopping behavior and preferences into the recommendation strategy.

Being creative about incorporating relevant content such as user guides or on-topic blog posts into the shopping experience can lead to increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

Tips to Optimize Merchandising for the Holiday Season

Organize and merchandise your products with the themes of gift giving. Turn your everyday categories into mini gift shops and highlight popular items for specific recipients such as "Gifts for Women."

Social media networks are a great way to extend your holiday merchandising beyond the website. Make it easy for and encourage customers to post reviews and share what they like.

What Data Should You Track During the Holiday Shopping Season?

Use analytics to keep a close eye on search and browse behavior to make quick adjustments to your merchandising during busy season.

Gather detailed, visitor specific data from the checkout funnel and identify opportunities for improvement for next year.

Tips for Improving the Customer Experience Even During A Code Freeze

Use the search data you've been tracking to implement meaningful changes to search results and faceted navigation. Monitor customer calls and social media activity and look for opportunities to increase the quality of the messaging on your website.    

Tips for Managing Holiday Season Out Of Stock Issues

Before busy season even starts, identify alternative products for visitors to purchase in lieu of items that could sell out during the holidays.

Offer the ability to check in-store product inventories to avoid surprising your brick-and-mortar customers.


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