September 25, 2020

HawkSearch Supplemental Services: Reach Your Marketing Goals Faster

HawkSearch Supplemental Services You Can Leverage            

Limited budget. Limited resources. Sound familiar?            

It’s a common challenge for digital marketing team across many industries. According to a 2018 Internet Retailer study, 40% of companies are at risk of losing revenue due to lack of budget dedicated to advancing their search capabilities.    

Here’s where we can help: HawkSearch Supplemental Services.

HawkSearch is already familiar with your team's challenges -your site, your site-search goals and your implementation. Why not leverage us for support services to round out any gaps in resources? It’s a win-win for any company looking for additional support with their marketing initiatives.            

Professional Supplemental Services: What We Offer            

We provide supplemental services that offer the following:

  • Plan options - One-time or monthly            
  • $150 to $250/hour – Depending on complexity of work            
  • Identified deliverables          
  • Flexible use of monthly hours            

As outlined, these services can be purchased on a monthly retainer or as a one-time service. The monthly retainer option is best for companies with limited staff looking to outsource tasks or to help with ongoing marketing initiatives. A one-time service purchase is great for specific needs, like search-tuning, workbench audit or data analysis.            

With either option, we’ll work with you and your team on what will best suit your needs. Here are just some examples of service packages:                              

How to Purchase Supplemental Services

You can initiate these services in a few simple steps:            

  • First, contact HawkSearch Sales to start a discussion about what areas of your site search, data or marketing need additional support. Identify measurements to set goals, I.E. conversion rates.
  • An Account Manager will consult with the HawkSearch technical and services team on hours needed to meet goals. Your Account Manager, will work with both the technical and services teams to develop a solution in line with your goals.            
  • We will then send you a services proposal with hours and defined deliverables. We will then deliver a proposal for your review, identifying the scope, the deliverables and to answer any questions.
  • Once the proposal is signed, we will initiate kickoff call, regular check-in meetings and, of course, initiate work with our internal technical and business support teams. Once the proposal is signed and the project is authorized we will assign a dedicated Project Manager and begin work.              

Interested? Reach out to your for more information. We’d love to chat with you about your site-search and marketing needs. Contact us today!


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