September 5, 2018

From Searches to Conversions: Maximizing Your Profitability

Most people who conduct marketing campaigns on the internet would agree that the main goal when planning a successful website would be to figure out how to increase conversion rates. Depending on the type of business you are in and the kind of marketing campaign you are running, the word conversion can mean different things. In this blog, we will discuss a couple of different types of conversions and how HawkSearch can help increase them on any site.

What Is a Conversion?

In essence, a conversion on a website is the ability to convince a potential customer through a marketing campaign to take action on something. We will focus here on two types of conversions, one being for content rich, informational sites and the other ecommerce sellers.    

Content rich, information sites - These types of websites are warehouses of information on a given subject or topic. An example of such a site would be a hospital health system, an academic institution or a news agency. A conversion on this kind of website would be an action step taken by a visitor such as their finding the information they needed, engaging with the site’s resources such as downloading a publication or signing up for an event or class.    

Ecommerce – Ecommerce sites are extremely popular today and millions of people utilize them. Instead of going to a physical store, many shoppers today opt instead to buy the products they need on the internet. A conversion on this kind of site would be turning a visitor/shopper into a buyer.  Content rich and ecommerce sites share one thing in common. The success of their marketing campaigns can vitally depend on having an effective search engine that provides a way for potential customers to find what they are looking for in a user friendly and organized fashion.

How To Increase Conversion Rates with HawkSearch Features

Probably the most important element of successful search engines today is the ability to provide a personalized and relevant search experience to each individual user. When trying to figure out how to increase conversion rates, many marketers have turned to several of the key features available in HawkSearch in order to provide potential customers an experience specifically tailored to them.    

Visitor Targeting – HawkSearch can optimize a personalized and relevant search experience by tuning search results by such attributes as gender, age, zip code, prior purchases and other characteristics. When search results are filtered by these categories, they tend to appeal to people much more, which leads to conversions.    

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence - This technology allows HawkSearch to analyze a huge amount of visitor data and then be able to predict visitor trends and behavior based on real interaction on the site. These predictions will greatly influence the relevance of search results returned to the visitor.    

Boost/Bury Rules – HawkSearch allows business users to continue to refine personalized search results by setting rules about what information/products will be featured. Boosting allows visitors to see information that will most likely appeal to them the most.    

Synonyms – Potential customers get disappointed when they type in a certain word or phrase and the search engine does not recognize it, leading to poor search results. HawkSearch utilizes the use of synonyms into the tool that link more common words with alternative descriptions.    

Reporting Metrics – HawkSearch comes standard with a detailed reporting tool that records data on visitor behavior and buying trends. Business users can significantly increase conversions by understanding what has been successful on the site and identify those areas that might need improvement based on the metrics captured from the tool.  

The answer to the question of how to increase conversion rates and the definition of conversion will differ depending on the type of website an online business is operating. Whether you are running a content rich, informational site or strictly an ecommerce business, the key to conversion success will be to provide a very relevant search experience for every site visitor. HawkSearch empowers online businesses with the technology and tools to give each visitor an experience meaningful to them.


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