September 2, 2020

5 Insights You Didn’t Know You Could Get from HawkSearch

You probably check your page views and conversions but how often do you check your onsite search? As use of the search bar on sites continues to increase, it’s even more important to consistently monitor search data.

Out of the box, HawkSearch provides over 15 reports that analyze data from multiple different perspectives. The Top Keywords and Number of Searches reports are quite common across many search tools but HawkSearch offers a wealth of data that goes much deeper than that. Here are 5 insights that you may not know you could get from HawkSearch.

Searches with Poor Results

Sometimes users will search for something that returns little to no results. This can be frustrating to the user, but it can spell a great opportunity for your business with a little more insight and analysis. The Searches with Poor Results report provides a log of the search terms that return a low number of results and the number of times this has occurred. This report contains extremely valuable information as it gives insight into what products or services users expect to see on the site so you can fine tune your results. For example, if many customers on your site are searching for ‘shipping information’ and getting no results, you can consider setting up redirect rules for those specific keywords to help users quickly find the information they’re looking for.

Spelling Suggestions Activity

Users, especially those on mobile devices, make spelling mistakes all the time. With HawkSearch’s Spelling Suggestions Activity report, you can track those errors in real-time. The report shows the number of times a “Did You Mean” match as recommended on the site to correct a spelling error. A spike in this report could point to indexing configuration issues.

Conversion Summary

If you run an ecommerce website, insights on what drives a user to purchase can be especially beneficial for your business. HawkSearch’s Conversion Summary report can track the number of sales placed for a specific search term as well as the revenue generated for that term. You can use this information to determine whether or not your site search is contributing to your business goals. It also contains useful information on what visitors really want to purchase when they are on your site.

Widgets Tracking

When you have the HawkSearch recommendations tool installed, you will also gain access to the Widgets Tracking report. This report shows the impressions and clicks for items you are recommending within product pages. Use this information to check for opportunities to change the strategies on your widgets or manipulate which items the engine recommends.

Pagination Activity

One good way to check how relevant your search results are is to check HawkSearch’s Pagination Activity report. This report shows a summary of the number of searches that stopped on the first, second, or third page of results. You can use this information to try to get as much satisfactory content on the first page as possible. When visitors can’t find what they were looking to early on, frustration grows along with the chance of site abandonment.

Looking deeper into your search data can benefit both your users and your business as a whole. For more information on all of the reports that are powered by HawkSearch,  schedule a demo today!


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