HawkSearch Brings Smarter Search and Recommendations to Concept Communications Company

Concept Communications Company, a national distributor of gas station and convenience store supplies recently launched a new website with HawkSearch as its site search platform.    

The new  CStore1.com  features user-friendly search navigation, intelligent merchandising tools, and a robust recommendations engine, all powered by HawkSearch.  Concept Communications has been in the gas station and convenience store business since 1978, selling products through a brochure that eventually grew into a 76-page catalog. When looking for a new search tool, the company wanted a platform that would mirror that catalog browsing experience with a powerful recommendations engine to boost conversions.  With HawkSearch, Concept Communications can present best-selling and similar items alongside products that visitors were looking to buy – in the same way that a customer’s eyes jump from product to product while flipping through a catalog. The best part is, HawkSearch’s Relevant Recommendations tool gets even smarter than a print catalog ever could, with machine learning technology that fine-tunes results based on customer purchasing information, a feature that their previous search tool was lacking.      

In addition to Relevant Recommendations, the new CStore1.com also includes:  

  • Dynamic Marketing tools that enable Concept Communications to control the order in which search results appear.
  • The ability to predict customers’ search queries as soon as they start typing with Smart Autocomplete.
  • A responsive search interface that users can interact with on any device.
  • Relevancy Tuning that gives the company more control over which words and common synonyms return certain results.  

HawkSearch CTO Shreyas Kamath said, “We are pleased to provide Concept Communications’ new website with our HawkSearch tool. We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our product and we hope to continue to support their ecommerce goals for years to come.”  To get more information and see HawkSearch in action, schedule a one-on-one demo today.