CSS Commerce Partners with Bridgeline to Offer B2X AI-Powered Search

WOBURN,MA – Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a provider of marketing software,and CSS Commerce are partnering to introduce HawkSearch’s AI-poweredSmartSearch with advanced eCommerce consulting expertise to hundredsBigCommerce and Magento customers such as Black Diamond and Berlin Packaging.  

CSSCommerce specializes in software integration and the implementation ofecommerce ecosystems at highly complex technical and proprietary IP companiesin the pharmaceutical, sporting goods, mechanical and electrical space. HawkSearchdelivers the AI-powered search for leading distributors including Misumi USA,Packard, and Kirby Risk. 

CSSCommerce, an expert in on-page search, will partner with HawkSearch for asuperior experience and technology for its customers. CSS’ Head of Search,Erick Rojas, is ‘excited to bring the strong features of HawkSearch to ourcustomers. Image recognition and a proprietary AI solution are big additions toour capabilities. 

Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline Digital, stated,"Our partnership with CSS Commerce is a key step in our strategy torevolutionize eCommerce search for manufacturers and distributors alike. We arecommitted to delivering a superior search solution that meets the evolvingneeds of online shoppers." 

“Integrating HawkSearch enhances our eCommercesolutions and presents AI enhanced opportunities for our clients,” added TomSieger, Managing Partner at CSS Commerce. “HawkSearch will be a valuablepartner with clients expanding their eCommerce capabilities and services.”


AboutCSS Commerce

Based in the US, CSS Commerce are expertsoftware integration specialists in building ecommerce ecosystems interconnectingall data needs with special focus on complex eCommerce, advanced predictivesearch and site conversion. With more than 20 years in digital transformation,CSS Commerce is headquartered in Houston, TX with teams around the world and a24/7 ‘round the sun philosophy.  



Eunice Muñoz

Marketing Director | CSS Commerce




About Bridgeline Digital 

Bridgeline helps companies grow online revenueby increasing traffic, conversion rates, and average order value. To learnmore, please visit www.bridgeline.com. 


‍Danielle Colvin
SVP of Marketing
Bridgeline Digital