A Great New B2C-Style Search for Freund Container & Supply B2B Customers!

Freund Container: Client Snapshot  

Since it first opened in 1938, Freund Container & Supply has supplied packaging, including plastic containers, leak-proof bottles and containers, to countless businesses in a wide variety of industries. Freund Container & Supply is a division of Berlin Packaging, the 100+ year old packaging juggernaut.  


When Freund decided to update its website to offer a superior B2B functionality and customer experience, HawkSearch was a key part of this transformation. Well-known for their innovation and ingenuity, Freund took the opportunity to lead the way where many more will undoubtedly follow over the coming years – to provide a website for its B2B customers, with easy-to-use, intuitive, B2C-style functionality.  


Freund now has a newly designed and developed site, built on the BigCommerce platform. As part of the project, the new site was integrated with the dynamic, powerful HawkSearch product. With HawkSearch, Freund customers can now easily find what they’re looking for by simply clicking the “Search” button or a magnifying glass icon, and typing in a relevant keyword. As the user starts to type in what they’re looking for, the search will provide suggestions – including ‘Popular Searches’, ‘Top Product Categories’ and ‘Top 3 Product Matches’. HawkSearch also has the ability to filter products based on product attributes from BigCommerce. HawkSearch is proud to partner with Americaneagle.com and BigCommerce to create a new, outstanding B2B experience for Freund customers.