November 27, 2019

Why Kentico and HawkSearch Work So Well Together

We are excited to announce that HawkSearch is now an official search partner for Kentico Kontent.  With a new integration now available and our certified partner status, now Kentico Kontent users can get all of the benefits of HawkSearch on their own sites.  

What is Kentico Kontent?  

Kentico Kontent is Kentico’s new era of content management. As a Content as a Service (CaaS), it is focused on helping teams create and deploy great content with easy to use tools that increase speed to market and require less back and forth with developers and IT. Instead of copying and pasting word docs and storing folders and folders of images, Kentico Kontent allows users to combine all of their content into one single solution and collaborate easily with their team.  As two services that both promote richer visitor experiences and closing organizational silos, HawkSearch and Kentico go hand in hand. Here’s why:  


Businesses change over time and they need technology solutions that will keep up with that growth. As a cloud-based system, the sky is the limit with scale on Kentico Kontent. Larger teams can also streamline their operations with custom workflows and rapidly create complex digital experiences. HawkSearch is also incredibly scalable. It can be implemented on one site or several and HawkSearch’s search capabilities can keep up with your growth whether you have 100 records or over 1 million. Teams with a large amount of content will love HawkSearch’s AI-driven relevant results and faceted features that make it easier for your end-users to find the content they need. No matter the size of your business, Hawksearch and Kentico can continue to grow with you.  

Opportunities to personalize  

The state of content is changing and personalized experiences are becoming more and more important. Kentico Kontent’s analytics tools provide a wealth of data you can use to personalize content experiences based on the interests of your target audience. HawkSearch takes this personalization even further with machine learning technology that takes pre-existing data based on a user’s location, age, gender, or past search activity to deliver the most accurate and relevant content in search results. Additional features allow teams to boost and bury certain content items based on pre-determined thresholds and a full slate of search-based reporting tools will allow you to make smarter decisions about your content.  

Easy to Use  

Kentico Kontent was built to unify silos and because of this, its features are incredibly easy to use. HawkSearch is similar in the usability department. Whether you’re a marketer, merchandiser, or developer, you’ll be able to use and configure HawkSearch’s slate of robust search tools. User-friendly features to refine search results are ready to use right out of the box and HawkSearch leverages automated technologies to provide the best experience for your end-users.

HawkSearch’s integration with Kentico Kontent is now available. If you’re a Kentico Kontent user who wants to take full advantage of HawkSearch’s powerful on-site search solution,  click here.


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