August 1, 2018

What is HawkSearch?

Ten years ago, it would have been hard to imagine the explosive growth of the internet and the role it plays today in people’s lives. When it comes to online shopping, web visitors now expect to quickly find exactly what they are looking for and come away with a very satisfying experience. Search is the pathway to all things on your website and as an internet seller, you need to provide visitors with a personalized journey that speaks to them as individuals.  

Welcome to HawkSearch

HawkSearch is a feature rich, results based, leading search engine product that consistently provides a relevant, personalized search experience for everyone. Our cutting edge technology offers powerful tools for marketers, merchandisers and developers alike. HawkSearch can help you greatly increase conversion rates and help turn visitors into loyal customers.  

Creating Success - How We Do What We Do

Search technology today has to act almost like a mind reader, as it’s critical to develop an intuitive sense of the products your shoppers want to see. It’s critical that for site visitors, the most relevant landing pages for them specifically are brought to their attention. Here are some of the advanced features that HawkSearch utilizes to provide personalized product recommendations and relevant search results, no matter what the device - desktop, tablet or mobile.    

  • Visitor Targeting – The HawkSearch on site search solution allows marketers to influence search results for the greatest impact by displaying products based on demographics, gender, location, prior shopping history and other known information. Visitor targeting can ensure a personal search result experience.
  • Relevant Recommendations Fueled By Machine Learning - Technology that enables search engines to predict what shoppers would most likely want to buy is the essence of machine learning. Relevant Recommendations is a HawkSearch  feature that displays products to shoppers based on what similar customers have bought, what products have been put in shopping carts or recently viewed.
  • Robust Marketing Workbench – HawkSearch  empowers marketers and merchandisers to control their strategies with a powerful workbench that features boost/bury rules, pinning capabilities and banner campaigns. These tools get the right products and messaging in front of the right audience, at the appropriate time.
  • Reporting: Making Decisions From Real Data – HawkSearch  includes powerful reporting metrics that capture real customer and visitor data. Having this information provides insight into the intent of customers and can also accurately measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies by showing the results of such efforts. In addition, by analyzing metrics data from site search activity, it gives marketers an excellent opportunity to optimize site content for effectiveness.

But Wait, There’s More…

Just when you thought HawkSearch couldn’t get any better, we are proud to say that it is also platform agnostic. We have successfully integrated with ecommerce sites that run on  Magento, BigCommerce, NetSuite, IBM WebSphere  and many more. In fact, we can also partner with home-grown or custom platforms as well. Nor is HawkSearch just for ecommerce. We have helped many content heavy and lead generation sites increase their conversion rates and visitor search satisfaction levels.

Regardless of industry or the size of your business, HawkSearch can deliver an extremely relevant and personalized intelligent search to visitors for excellent customer experiences. The world of technology may be constantly evolving, but the human need to feel as though others care about what’s important to people will never change. HawkSearch gives your website the competitive edge by giving each visitor the personalized, interactive experience they seek.


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