April 23, 2018

The Importance Of Great Search & Why You Can’t Survive Without It

It would have been impossible years ago to find a library without a card catalog and long before GPS navigation, every corner had a gas station that sold road maps to help you plan for a journey. Navigating the internet is no different. In fact, people today are bombarded with more information than in any other time in human history. Having an effective search functionality on your website is essential when it comes to helping users have a positive experience online. Whether it be for ecommerce or lead generation websites, your site visitors are looking to you to provide the tools needed to make their web experience a great one.

Facts About Search:

  • On average, 66% of website visitors interact with the site search tool.
  • 80% of visitors will abandon your site after becoming frustrated with the search function.
  • 3X greater conversion rate as compared to visitors who browsed by navigation alone.
  • 22% Rise in average order value as a result of engaging a site’s search tool.
  • 6X greater conversion rate when visitors use a smart autocomplete tool.

Not All Search Is Created Equal

Merely having a search function on your website is not enough. In fact, a bad search tool is more harmful than not having one at all. Conversely, an effective site search ability will give you a strong, competitive advantage over other websites. What is the key to successful search today? Two words - relevance and personalization. It’s common knowledge that successful businesses do a great job of making their customers feel special. Think of a favorite coffee shop that starts your special drink the moment they see your car pull in the lot. This kind of personal attention is what keeps customers loyal and coming back again. Online users today are seeking that same personal experience when searching online for products and information. They want to know that the search results being returned are tailored made and relevant - not to everyone, but specifically for them. A satisfactory search experience will turn visitors into buyers and keep loyal customers coming back.

Successful site search tools

  • Speed
  • Personalized search results
  • Faceted Navigation
  • Smart Autocomplete
  • Relevant Recommendations
  • Synonym Recognition
  • Dynamic marketing strategies

How to pick the right search solution for you

Today it is harder to attract online visitors than ever before. Competition grows by the day. Given the ongoing pressures to stand out from the crowd, how do you choose the right site search tool? Here are 8 questions to ask when choosing the most effective solution.

  1. How effective is the tool at consistently providing the most relevant search results for site visitors?
  2. How quickly are results returned?
  3. Does the solution allow visitors the ability to easily sort through thousands of pages of products and information and present results in an organized, user-friendly fashion?
  4. To what extent is machine learning utilized to improve relevance, create smart autocomplete and recommendations?
  5. Will the search tool seamlessly integrate with your site’s platform?
  6. How well does the solution allow you to use dynamic marketing strategies such as custom boost and ranking rules, visitor targeting, faceted navigation, banners, promotions and more
  7. How is the company’s customer service culture, especially after the sale is made?
  8. What plans does the search company have to evolve the product to keep up with the changing needs of the marketplace and technology?

Having the right site search partner can make or break a website’s success. Be sure to have one that turns visitors into loyal customers!


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